8. April 2013


 I am a big fan of Romy Schneider, so I was crazy about doing a Romy- Story some years ago! It was not easy, because it only makes sense, if you find a model that is really a Romy- look-alike. We checked everywhere in Europe, but in the end we found her in Berlin! The model is called Dada and she already stopped with modeling because she was also working as a doctor. But we were able to convince her, to do this photoshooting. I tried to show different styles of Romy, when she was young, wearing all this kind of 60ies costumes and pillbox hats, but also her style in the 70ies with sleek hair and tunics. I remember, it was a great day, because everybody loved to do the story. we drove around Paris and shot in this cool house of an old Lady. I have such great memories of that day!             Happy monday to everybody!

                                                     PHOTOS: SERGE GUERAND

4. April 2013


I took a little break yesterday during my photoproduction, to shoot these concrete pieces for you. It turned out, that my favorite one is the neon-pink bowl (my favorite colour- so no surprise) from DAWANDA, so I kept this one for home!
I have been quite busy this week, Inez was ill and I had a lot to do at work, but still- my next project is coming up: sewing the asian doll...
Have a nice day, here in Munich we can feel spring today!

29. März 2013


I did not get in a big easter mood so far, because I always count on my family, where we will spent the easter days. Besides- I am already heading to april- here is my LOOKING FORWARD TO- LIST!

In the current issue of BURDA STYLE, the magazine I am working at, we show this sweet self-made Asian dolls and I already fell in love with them, when my colleagues sewed them in our studio. Now I decided to make one by myself! One of my colleagues will help me sewing during lunch time! I can´t wait to start, and I am excited about the result! 

 innen.aussen.raum is a group of people who are organizing very intimate concerts in special places. I wish I would have been on the one shown on the photo, it was just somewhere at the Isar in summertime. But in april, I will have the opportunity to attend one of this concerts and to everybody out there who is living in Munich, I can highly recommend it!

 I ordered these concrete objects on DAWANDA for a photoproduction. Next week i will have them in the office and I hope, they look as nice in real as on the photos! Because if they do...I will make myselfe a little after-easter-present and buy one!!

 Alicia, my best friend in Argentina has the best skin ever. For a long time I did not know that she was actually nearly the same age then me, because she looked so much younger! One day she told me her secret: powder from BARE MINERALS. I forgot about it and just remembered it today. So one day in april I will go and get my special-power-powder!


25. März 2013


As I already mentioned, I am unfortunately a horrible painter. So I always have to come up with ideas that don´t include much drawing skills. Stamps for example are one of my favorite little helpers! I had the idea to this checklist already before we went to Argentina, but I just finished it today. For sure it does not claim accurateness on the amount of kisses, that I gave Inez so far, but I like the symbolism behind it. Kisses for Inez...to be continued...

21. März 2013


It is snowing outside, I can´t believe it! But with these items, I already get in spring mood! I will definetly buy the helmet for Inez. It is so great to always have a "First Time" with her and driving the bike with her for the first time is something I am really looking forward to!

3. Chain NAMAMI
4. Helmet NUTCASE

17. März 2013


A walk through munich with open eyes- this was my mission for today. What I saw first, was the advertising of the new opera: Hänsel und Gretel. I don´t know if I will watch the opera but I just love the design of the advertising and checked immediately, if it is possible to buy it. Yes- it is, get it HERE!

 This tiny and sweet collage of artist ULRIKE TRESSI also caught my attention today...

I  visited the studio of artist HEIKE SCHAEFER today and I was really impressed by her sculptures...

But one of my favorite pieces of art ever is handmade by us: The elephant fingerprint- painting that we did with Inez, when she was 6 months old. Juan Pablos thumb is the body of the elephant, my thumb is the head and Inez` toe is the trunk of the elephant. I think it is just lovely and such a sweet memory! Happy Monday to everybody!

13. März 2013


... is the name of a jewelry designer from Israel, I immediately fell in love with. So sooo pretty, have a look at it yourself! Currently she has no shop in Germany, but luckily you can order her beautyful pieces in her ESHOP! I would go for the ring with the little bow and the silver bracelets in the end!

10. März 2013


My first working week has been really busy. Not the work in particular, but it was not easy to find a new rhythm, to decide to what or to whom I dedicate myself at what time, when I come home in the evening. I still have to figure out the best way but I am getting to it.
But the weekend has been a blast! As I mentioned already, I had the idea to dress up Inez as Frida Kahlo. It was already so much fun to choose the fabric in the backround and to prepare her accessoires. Now I just love the result and the great time we had as a family and with our friends, doing these photos. As I already was afraid, Inez moved a lot, but we have been able to do some sitting portraits of her. We made fools of ourselfes behind the photographer, singing as loud as possible and dancing as wild as possible to get her attention.
The photos have been shot by Alex, who is one of my best and oldest friends. Although we went into different directions, we share a long term passion for photography and she is always up to new ideas, so THANK YOU ALEX for realizing this one with me! Check out her HOMEPAGE of one of her projects: new born and baby photography!
Did I bring you into the Frida Moment? Here there is even more: These wonderful bags from Columbia, get them HERE. Happy Monday to everybody!

4. März 2013



This is what I thought, when I saw the embroidered pieces of artist JOETTA MAUE. When I think of my lousy attempts to embroider by myself, I am just amazed at what great things you can do with this technique. This is definitely a motivation to try it again! Happy Monday to everybody!

28. Februar 2013


My first photoproduction after one year of maternity leave. I already know, it will be a Hippie story. I have to find a summerlike location in cold and snowy Munich. Doing photoproductions is always a challenge, but also a lot of fun! Get the Gypset Travel book HERE.

 It all started with a friend of mine, who said, that Inez is our little Theo Waigel (german politician) with her intense eyebrows. I thought, yes, she is right, but there must be someone else around with special eyebrows! Then I saw on THIS GREAT BLOG this photo of the little girl dressed as Frida Kahlo and the idea was born. In two weeks we will spend a weekend with a friend of mine who is a photographer and just for fun, we try to make photos of Inez as little Frida Kahlo. Lets see if it works out, Inez is moving every second, it is hard to take a "portrait" of her, but we will see!
  Starting to collect more music albums. We have a record player at home, but not many records. So I want to spend some time on ebay or a saturday afternoon in a record shop to collect some more. By the way, the photo of the little music-kitty girl was made by ANNA PALMA. Check out her website, she does amazing photos!

 Going skiing at least one more time before getting ready for spring!

27. Februar 2013


The last three weeks have been full with emotions because Inez is going to the nursery school now.
She is still crying, when I have to leave her, but it is getting better and better. I am so grateful that I had this one year where I was totally dedicated to her. But now it feels just so right to go back to work and I am really looking forward to it. Letting Inez go was hard in the beginning. I always thought: And if something happens to her and I am not there to help her? I would not forgive myself! But then I started to think of me and my life and how brave my mom was to not say one worried word to all my adventures. Especially my journeys to sometimes not very touristic countries, which I did on my very own, doing COUCHSURFING and sleeping in houses of total foreigners. She never showed me the fear she had. I know, it still takes a while, till I have to face these situations with Inez. But anyway, I know it is a good thing to open the world to her now a little bit more and let her go some ways on her own. I hope, she will love the world as much as I do!

25. Februar 2013


I am not a fan of "funny" furniture, but in this case I have to make an exception! Last week I have been at the presentation of the ZIETA collection and I really like the Plopp chairs. It is a special technique, where two very thin steel sheets are welded together and inflated under high pressure. They have it in many different colours, and especially I like the little socks you can add. I would love to have one of the little ones for Inez!
This week is a special one for me, as it is the last week as a full-time mom! I am going back to work in march! Happy Monday to everybody!